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The challenging 7,000 yard, 18 hole championship course, with its lightning fast bent grass greens will both test the abilities of the low handicap player and simultaneously provide a distinct challenge at a world-class venue for the distinctive Private Country Club Member.

The Course


First hole

Hole 1 ----- Par 5 ----- 505 YARDS

If ever there was a chance to get off to a good start, it would be at the first hole at Crystalaire. Measuring 505 yards from the regular tees (526 from the tips), it is a moderately easy Par 5 that most of the low handicappers will reach in 2. A Par or birdie gets the player off to a very good start.


Second Hole

Hole 2 ----- Par 4 ----- 415 YARDS

This hole is known as the "Goal-post" hole. At 415 yards, this is the third longest Par 4 on the course.


Third Hole

Hole 3 ----- Par 4 ----- 411 YARDS

The saying "Drive for show, Putt for dough" does not apply on this 411 yard Par 4 3rd at Crystalaire. Although both are very important on this hole, the drive is especially important if any success is expected on this demanding hole.


Fourth Hole

Hole 4 ----- Par 4 ----- 339 YARDS

Although ranked as the second easiest on the course, #4 at Crystalaire can be deceivingly tough if the proper shots are not struck. Although short in yardage and ranked fairly easy, this hole has its share of problems and if played improperly, could turn a good round bad.


Fifth Hole

Hole 5 ----- Par 5 ----- 561 YARDS

The longest hole at Crystalaire at 561 yards (579 from the tips), #5 is rated the third toughest at Crystalaire for men as well as number one for women. Every shot at this demanding Par 5 has the potential to find some sort of trouble.


Sixth Hole

Hole 6 ----- Par 3 ----- 150 YARDS

Although not the most difficult hole at Crystalaire, golfers tend to tighten their collars a bit when they reach this most scenic Par 3. Not a long hole but one that should not be taken lightly.


Seventh Hole

Hole 7 ----- Par 4 ----- 437 YARDS

The longest of the Par 4's at Crystalaire, Hole #7 appears to be rather simple but a closer look will show that even the best players could have trouble with this great hole.


Eighth Hole

Hole 8 ----- Par 3 ----- 152 YARDS

Coming up short is a common problem on this 152 yard Par 3 hole. Selecting the right club and then achieving proper execution is most important if a Par is to be had on this sneaky difficult Par 3.


Ninth Hole

Hole 9 ----- Par 4 ----- 366 YARDS

Playing straight back to the Clubhouse, this 366 yard Par 4 plays longer than the indicated yardage. Make Par here, hit the snack bar and then it's off to the back nine.


Tenth Hole

Hole 10 ----- Par 4 ----- 396 YARDS

The 10th hole at Crystalire goes directly away from the Clubhouse. But beware, this Par 4 has more ways to get you than it appears.

hole-11-12 (1).gif

Eleventh Hole

Hole 11 ----- Par 3 ----- 131 YARDS

The shortest of the Par 3's at Crystalaire, this hole gives the player a chance to keep that good back nine going. Although short and rated the easiest hole on the course, this Par 3 cannont be taken for granted.


Twelfth Hole

Hole 12 ----- Par 5 ----- 535 YARDS

A good drive is the key to success on this demanding Par 5 hole. The longer hitters can reach this downwind hole in two but all it takes is one errant shot to make this Par 5 a struggle.


The number 13 is an unlucky number for many people and the 13th hole at Crystalaire can prove to be unlucky as well for the golfer that tries to get too aggressive with this short 356 yard Par 4. Rated the 12th hardest hole, a lot of high numbers have been recorded by those trying to take the short cut.

Thirteenth Hole

Hole 13 ----- Par 4 ----- 356 YARDS


Fourteenth Hole

Hole 14 ----- Par 4 ----- 428 YARDS

Every course has its turning point and the 14th is Crystalaire's. Golfers finish the 13th and then must head back into the wind for the next four holes, starting with 14. At 428 yards from the regular tees, it is the second longest Par 4 on the course and any extra head wind makes it even longer. For the average golfer, a score of 5 here is a good start to four very tough holes.


Fifteenth Hole

Hole 15 ----- Par 3 ----- 204 YARDS

The longest of the Par 3's at Crystalaire, Hole #15 is everything you could ask for in a Par 3. The length forces most players to hit a long iron or fairway wood to a green that is surrounded by nothing but problems.


Sixteenth Hole

Hole 16 ----- Par 4 ----- 406 YARDS

The third of the four into the wind finishing holes at Crystalaire, hole #16 can be played one of two ways. Hole #16 is all a player could ask for in a Par 4.


Seventeenth Hole

Hole 17 ----- Par 4 ----- 333 YARDS

At first glance, the 17th at Crystalaire appears to be that long-awaited breather. At 333 yards, it is the shortest of the Par 4's and is rated the 14th easiest. But golfers beware, trouble lurks for those that take this hole too lightly. There have been many a horror story told after this hole has been completed.


Eighteenth Hole

Hole 18 ----- Par 5 ----- 504 YARDS

If ever there were a hole that could produce that great finish, it's #18 at Crystalaire. At just over 500 yards, this Par 5 is definitely reachable by the longer hitters and even the short hitters are hitting their third from inside 100 yards. We hope you enjoyed your round at Crystalaire.

Practice Facilities

Our members love to practice. You will find them on the putting green, the chipping green, and trap or driving range.

Scorecards & Rules
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