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2011 Saint Patrick's Green Ball

1st ~ Pete Markese, Gary Little, Ron Sayre and Nancy Hall.

2nd ~ Allen Fude, John Chatigny, Pauline Hudson and Dick Spake.

3rd ~ Johnny Blalock, Glen Easterling, Mo Markese and Ray Martin.

4th ~ Rich Bessette, Bill Blakely, Nellie Thomas and Kathy May.

Shootout Winners

Shootout 1 Gary Little Ron Gonzalez


Shootout 2 Ron Thomas Wayne Checkwood


Shootout 3 Todd Dietzen Mark Schaeffer

Shootout 4 Ken May Bob Colman

Shootout 5 Mike Martin Don Anton

Shootout 6 Johnny Blalock 
George Flynn

Shootout 7 Ted Harrison Bill Castle

Shootout 8 Tracy Oswell

Shootout 9 *Cancelled*

Shootout 10 *Cancelled*

Shootout 11 Bill Blakely Steve Calendo


Shootout 12 Ron David Craig Baingo

Shootout 13 Dennis Westby

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